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ZEEN lighting design, interior architecture, industrial lighting solutions, landscape lighting, interior architecture and interior lighting works with the best price and quality.

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About Us

We are a company established for the purpose of providing services in lighting design, interior architecture, industrial lighting products, landscape lighting and interior lighting product selection for private, commercial and all kinds of places.

ZEEN, which was founded in the 1920s, offers you a wide range of services with its third generation experienced managers and experienced team.

Lighting design stands out among our main activities. We do turnkey work from project design to implementation. You can contact us for all your needs.

Our aim is to focus on customer satisfaction, to cooperate continuously and to provide quality service.

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Special Designs

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Robust and Durable

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Our Mission

ZEEN, with its innovative and modern style, continues to work with the aim of being a leading brand in its market with its understanding of quality products and services in the field of lighting systems and architectural solutions.
To ensure maximum customer satisfaction by always delivering the best quality products at the most affordable prices to our customers at the right time, with the principle of respecting the environment and life values.

What We Do

In your Corporate Projects and Individual Projects; In addition, we serve you with our experienced team in lighting design, interior design works, industrial lighting products, landscape lighting and interior lighting product selection in all kinds of commercial, industrial and private spaces.

Corporate Projects

We can meticulously turn-key your exterior designs, hotel decoration, showroom decoration, cafe restaurant decoration, home decoration, school decoration, office decoration works from projecting to all details.

Individual Projects

We can meticulously turn-key your bathroom decoration, baby room decoration, study room decoration, kitchen decoration, dining room decoration, bedroom decoration works, from project design to all your detail product selections.

lighting design

interior architecture

industrial lighting solutions

landscape lighting

interior lighting

Your Individual Decoration Works

Your Corporate Decoration Works

Project Consultancy

Robust and Durable Lighting

You will be satisfied with our lighting, which is preferred from solid and durable materials. Unique designs are made that you can use with peace of mind. Our entire team will illuminate your corporate or individual spaces and make suggestions with the most appropriate architectural designs. And we will deliver the job to your satisfaction.

Service Excellence

Our aim is to meet the demands with innovative applications and to fulfill your expectations in a good way. We aim to produce service without sacrificing quality and to offer qualified workforce for this.

Total Cost of Ownership

You will have quality service at an affordable price. You will win, and we will win too. We hope that you will find our new references.

Lighting Design & Automation

ZEEN LTD has many years of experience in lighting systems. It offers a unique lighting solution for you in your project or workplace and home renovations.

Onsite Services

With ZEEN LTD, which has extensive experience and experience, you will get a wide range of products. Adequate designs will also be provided to you for relevant special solutions. We are experts in interior decoration or lighting needs. We can provide you with the most suitable options for your needs in terms of budget and design.

Our Work

ZEEN LTD works with quality and robust products. With our experience and experience, we can provide you with the most suitable options for your needs with our expert team in your architectural designs and decoration works or lighting design needs.

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Factories, workplaces, open spaces, corporate special projects etc.

Interior Architecture

Furniture and decoration works in individual and corporate projects

Lighting Design

Thanksgiving,Christmas etc

Interior Lighting

Cafe, Restaurant etc indoor lighting

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Office, Workplace, Factory, Street, Avenue etc.

Contact Us

Need our help on your project ? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.





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